Radio silence is never a good sign, is it? 

Something about the summer heat just kills all motivation I have to run and do anything else except eat popsicles and swim.

I actually have been running. Races even. Virtual races anyway. Three half marathons and a 10k. All for charities (is this a requirement for virtual runs? because it might as well be).

Happy 10K: 

sparkly, cute, goes oh so well with my Happy 5K medal. Benefits the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. 

The Places You’ll Go Half:

Quirky and adorable (and slightly risque since the Geisel family doesn’t mess around re: copyright infringement). Benefiting the Children’s Tumor Fund. 

Unleash Your Inner Wonder Woman Half, which I have not run (but will be running Sunday AM):

Sparkly. GIANT. Benefits the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 

And lastly, the one that kicked this whole deal off, way back in early June, The 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Half:

Benefiting the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing

Thor and I did the Doctor Who half together, as a cumulative sort of thing. 

This was our high tech tracking method. Which I still had to explain every time we went out to do a mile. 

I was seriously considering a few races this month and next, but it just isn’t in the stars right now. September is such an awkward month. All my focus has been on remembering how a school schedule works, prep work for a career shift, buckling down with family drama, and back to school for me (just a certification program but a Master’s will happen eventually soon).

If I get my act together, I’ll run a race in early November (birthday race), but no solid plans yet. 

I’m already focused on spring races, which I guess is a good thing. 

thoughts/reflections/observations from this morning’s run: 

  • you know you’ve taken too long of a break from running when you can’t remember the last time you clipped your toenails
  • not every ache is going to turn into a pain and maybe the reason your heel hurts is not because of a instantaneous onset of plantar fasciitis but more likely because you cannot walk down stairs like a normal person (foot missed the last step and I landed with my leg fully extended sort of hard)
  • too many people in this neighborhood eat bacon
  • the only thing that makes a port-a-potty that has been baking in the sun since Friday smell worse is running into a cloud of cigar smoke at the same time
  • completely unrelated, but there is nothing quite as disappointing as a recipe that promises to be spicy but is more ketchup than sriracha

It’s been one of those busy weeks, and this was supposed to be written and posted almost a week ago…

This is my face immediately after running around the house shrieking in excitement, because I had just done my first three unassisted pull ups. (Each pull up got its own victory lap around the house.)

A single unassisted pull up was my summer fitness goal. 

You know how you sometimes exceed a goal and you are SO PROUD OF YOURSELF that you temporarily feel as invincible as you did as a teenager? 

So then you’re all ‘if I can do X, it follows that I can do Y!’

But then it turns out that just because you can now do a couple of pull ups you can’t actually do handstands. 

Yeah, I’ve never had that experience either. 

In completely unrelated events, handstands are now at the top of my random fitness goals list. 

Year of Yes

I’m working on another half-baked idea. 

Not exactly. 

It’s pretty simple. 

I’m just not setting parameters for myself.* 

A year of yes instead of no. 

Love over fear.

Embracing rather than avoiding.

It’s been floating around my head for months. I kept telling myself I’d sit down and really think about it. Put together a well thought out plan for you all. But I am not a thinker. There are too many options and it exhausts me to even think about looking at them. Too many reasons to not push forward with anything because there are too many ways things will go wrong, fall apart, putter out. 

No, I am not a thinker. (Over-thinker? For sure)

I am a feeler. don’t stand too close

And this feels right. 

Without thinking through the consequences. 

Leaping before I look. 

Because it’s too easy to keep looking and start seeing boogeymen. 

The idea was to start this Year of Yes with my birthday (November), but why wait? It’s like the soft opening of the Cuban place down the street (think food truck in their parking lot while they continue converting the old gas station into a restaurant). This adventure has already begun, and it’s just going to get bigger and better as I go along.

Join me? 

*within reason. sorry kids, but there will be no skydiving. we’re stepping outside the comfort zone, not jumping out of planes. pushing the boundaries of my (seemingly endless) anxieties, not causing a massive coronary.