week two, day one

week 2 has finally started & it felt great. I ran the trails at the local park again. I can totally see myself becoming a devoted trail runner someday. Preferably when we live just a bit closer to the mountains for easy access. It was rainy today. It wasn’t a heavy or hard rain, but I still ended up drenched by the time I got home. Personally, I enjoy running in the rain. My problem being that I usually overdress for a run so the rain is what keeps me cool. I have a much harder time when it’s hot out. I finally found my lighter weight running pants that fit better so I was able to run in those without them getting soaked (not to mention that I avoided that small pond by taking a different path). I’ll probably still end up getting some capris since it’s nice to have options with our weather. I’m starting to get really excited about the St. Patrick’s Day run I’ll be doing. It’s a 5K (give or take) and I used to throw the Sweet Little Monster into the stroller and take part in the walking wave. The plan was to run it last year but it didn’t work out. It will be tight this year but we’ll work it out. Parking is a straight up nightmare and they are no longer allowing the city buses to add in a couple of shuttle buses like they used to. Last year was the first year of a new route so that will be interesting. Then there is that whole part about the race starting at 8:40am, which means leaving the house at some ungodly hour to drop SLM off with some grandparents. BUT the hubs and I will be doing costumes this year and I’m super excited!


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