I’m having one of those Carlos Mencia moments. Somehow I managed to confuse the concepts of “Saturday” and “Sunday”. As in, I thought my 5K was on Saturday and was marveling at how the babysitting just fell together and everything would be rosy and wonderful and whatnot. Then the fact that today is the 29th, not the 30th was brought to my attention. Which led me to the conclusion that my race, scheduled for January 31st could not possibly occur tomorrow unless some international dateline-crossing travel was involved. I’m totally bummed. This is what happens when I take a quarter off from school. I completely lose any comprehension of the concept of time.

My lame solution is to run a local lake with an outside track of 3.2 miles. An extra 1/10 of a mile as punishment? Hardly. I’m just hoping that winter will keep the lake stench to a minimum. This is also motivating me to register for my February race now so that there are no more slip-ups. I wasn’t planning on actually racing in the race anyway. I’m not anywhere near where I would need to be competitive, so it’s just a fun run/ mental challenge for me. Live and learn.


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