Bog of Eternal Stench

Still smelly. Even when it’s so cold out that my nose is numb. Every direction seems down wind of that lake depression of odor in liquid form. I suppose I should consider myself blessed that there are no rodents of unusual size the R.O.U.S.  stay hidden during daylight hours.  (And yes, I’m aware those are not from the same movie. But they are both from my childhood and I will take creative license. ) I felt so slow today. I’m not sure why. I guess it’s because I got passed by a few people going my direction, and the people going in the opposite direction always look like they are moving faster than I am. But when I got home and plugged into the Nike+ site, my times were great! My first mile was under 9 minutes! And my second was 9:15. My third mile was at my more usual pace of 9:42. I was definitely out of breath by the time I started my cool down, but it felt really good to push it (and not realize that I was pushing it!). I’m looking forward to seeing my time improve on what will be technically my first 5K of the year (2/13, around the Bog itself). I’m 8/10 of a mile away from making it out of the yellow and into the orange levels at Nike. Gah! I’m going to run around the block later. lol I hate being so close to a goal. There is no way I’m waiting until Monday to make it.

Edit: I do know that my splits would be more exciting if they were the other way around, but they are still significant to me the way they are.


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