I’m in another little slump here. I just felt so slow. Both my knees were bothering me. Not too much, but enough to take some of the fun out. I don’t know. It was really raining hard for the second half of my run, too. I couldn’t see anything. That I loved. I did a loop through the park on the trails and then finished up on the road. Maybe it’s because I just didn’t feel like going today. I’ve felt that way the last few runs. But life goes on. I pushed really hard at the end, which felt great exhausting something.

In better news, my first official 5K is on Saturday. No, really. Saturday. I’ve double and triple checked this one. I’m going to sign up last-minute tomorrow. I couldn’t find anyone to run with me, so this one is solo. But it will be fun. I’m really hoping my parents will be doing an overnight, but since my dad isn’t feeling well it might not work out. I’m hoping I can go out to brunch with some friends after the run, but we’ll see.


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