peace, love and anarchy

Or so read the symbols scratched into the gravel trail I ran today. It didn’t start as a very good run, but there were three things that kept it from seriously sucking. 1) Those symbols kept popping into my head and I would have laughed if I could. 1.5)I found a track (!) that I might visit again. (The only other one near me is kept under lock and key and my days of climbing 20 ft. high chain link fences are well behind me.) It didn’t have designated lanes, but that’s no biggie if I stick to the inside. I did a lap and a half before taking off on a new trail that took me back out to the road. I’ve driven that stretch many times but I had no idea it was so long! 2) I have really cheap headphones on my iPod. My darling 4-year-old tested out his scissors on my last set, hence only spending $10 on these. Anyway, every time they bounce against my chest they sound like windshield wipers- the way they sound in a steady rain, not like when they are going to fast with not enough water. That is the sound of many a family road trip from my childhood. Yet again, I could have laughed if I wasn’t working so hard. 3) I kicked it into high gear at the end. It was my one-minute warning and I just turned it up! I haven’t sprinted like that in ages. It felt so good!! And I really flew the last quarter of a block.  It really helped put things back into perspective. I took my lemon of a run and turned it into a Lynchburg Lemonade!


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