sweat it out

Today was one of those days.The kind where it hits you around 11 o’clock that your dinner might just need to be half a bottle of wine. You know the kind. No? Me neither. I spent 7 hours playing chauffeur for my dad, bouncing between appointments. I’m thankful that I am close enough and that my schedule readily permits me to help out. All that driving left me wiped out, though. I was overwhelmed with the urge to hibernate. I managed to fight it off and I’m feeling so much better! For the last week I’ve done the Lolo Abs. I love it. After only a few days of it I can feel a difference in my runs. I can feel my abs again (some areas better than others). I decided that I am dedicated to being honest with myself. In that vein, my upper body is in serious need of toning. They have always been my least favorite area to work out, but I’m not sure why. Which leads me to the 100 push ups challenge. It will probably take me longer than the 6 week plan, but I’m fine with that. I’m not racing anything, and I’d rather take it slow and actually complete the challenge than burn out early. And to balance it out, I’m also doing the 200 squats challenge from the same site. I’m also looking into getting a few kettlebells. J’adore Union soviétique, so they just make sense to me. I have to look into it more extensively because I really don’t want to end up hurting myself.

push ups: 12

squats: 60

abs: 2 sets


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