it’s all how you look at it

“It’s all how you look at it/ It’s all how you look at it/How you look at it is really up to you”

So sings Sweet Little Monster’s CD (one of those, since we seem to have amassed most of the collection). How fitting, right? I’m not really into strength training but I know the benefits are plentiful. Namely, my arms won’t look so lame and I need to cross train because it’s better for my running.

Dare I say, I’m actually enjoying it? Eep! In the past, I haven’t enjoyed it because it felt like I was so little and still working up a sweat. Well, I was half right. It doesn’t take me as long to work up a sweat when I’m doing weights, but it isn’t nothing. It’s not like my butt is parked on a couch and I’m still working up a sweat. So, fine. Maybe the level I’m at right now is not the level I’d like to be at. Everybody has to start somewhere. Results are not, and should not, be instantaneous. But I’ll be making progress each time I decide to pick up the free weights. And that makes it worth the effort. And frankly, it feels good to have to work for something. It feels honest and clean and pure and like when I meet a goal, it’s actually mine. So, hallelujah for a small mental victory.

push ups: 16

squats: 71

abs: 2 sets

shoulder press: 40

shoulder fly: 40


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