family event

I did another speed work out today. I still can’t tell if I’m doing it right. I guess that’s just something I’ll have to find out with time. I do find myself going faster than I think I should during my “slow” stretches. I took Sweet Little Monster with me today. He rode his motorcycle (as he calls it) and kept up really well. We did a little over 3 miles. I’m so proud of him! And myself of course. He really needs a nap today so now I’m guaranteed to be able to get him down. Genius mama moment! Anyway, not much to report. It was a very boring run. We went to the local park and just did laps around the soccer fields. Hubs was there practicing his kicks (his team made the playoffs and they have a big game tonight) and as back up in case SLM decided he didn’t want to stay with me. I hope to never do an entire run on that track again. So boring!

I’m now at the point where I can appreciate the importance of stretching. And on that note, it’s breakfast time!


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