I was not on my game today. I really have to take my next fartlek to the track and do an old school speed workout instead. It started off just okay and went steadily downhill from there. I was walking at the 1/2 mile mark! Hubs insists that it’s because of the Dash yesterday. No way, says I. Yesterday was a shorter and slower (and less hilly!) than what I’ve done for weeks. I just wanted to have a good time and I did. Back to today. My legs weren’t sore at all, but I could really feel them loosening up during my warm up. I’m pretty sure I was just going too fast in the beginning. I was ready to go home before I hit that 1/2 mile. The only reason this run hasn’t been christened WORST. RUN. EVER. is because I stuck it out and finished the sucker. That’s what is keeping this in perspective for me. That and the fact that Sweet Little Monster was as close to angelic as is possible for a 4 year-old boy. Dinner was spot on, too. I’m resolved to not add extra rest days unless I am genuinely injured/sick. Lazy just isn’t a good enough reason.



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