playing it by ear

I sat out my cross-training yesterday to really rest my knee. I kept it wrapped up and iced it when I could. It’s definitely a new sort issue for me. It was so strange. It would feel fine for an hour or so and then suddenly it would twinge up again. My best description of the pain is that feeling you get when you put just a little too much pressure on a bruise. Not like when you bash it into the coffee table for the 53rd time in 2 days, but when you stop just short of the tears-in-the-eyes pressure to a bruise. Today? TOTALLY NORMAL. I could feel it a bit this morning when I was curled into the big green chair to read some stories with Sweet Little Monster. Based on the way I was trying to sit when it hurt, I can tell it’s from doing a side lunge (or 12) incorrectly. I’m still planning on doing my cross-training tomorrow, but I’ll be paying extra attention to my form.

I had a speed workout on the schedule for today and I am so glad I decided against taking it to the track! It’s been one of those days where it’s raining, then it’s so sunny you’re temporarily blinded and back and forth with no predictability. At least here. Apparently it’s a matter of blocks. I was debating if I should wear a hat and retrospectively the answer was yes. About a mile in it started raining, and not the usual PNW drizzle.

Like all my neighbors who have lived in Western Washington for at least a decade I’m a non-certified hydrology expert, specializing in precipitation (actually, I might be certified since I come from a long line of PNWerners). This started off with fat little drops that got bigger and faster until it was literally blowing in sideways care of the stiff little wind that picked up out of nowhere. It was coming down so hard that I couldn’t see anything, thanks in part to that lovely breeze being a headwind. I had to wring water out of my shirt twice and it really made no difference.The lake/pond I was passing looked like it had whitecaps and I could barely see the cars across the street when I made it to the end of the pond trail.

It was glorious!

I plan to continue to baby my knee, but I’m not in enough pain to actually sit out a run. I did have it wrapped and maybe that helped. I think being conscious of every step the last 36 hours has helped as well. I’ll do some more RICE tonight and try to behave tomorrow.



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