better, stronger, faster

At least that’s the plan. just keep working, just keep working

I’ve fantasized all day about my upcoming races. I’m planning a 6k, 10k and 5k for April. It might be a little ambitious with regards to my knee, but none of them are big sellers so I’m not worried about giving it some time before I register for each of them. The 10k and 6k are back-to-back (Saturday and Sunday) so I might need to reconsider that plan. I’ll probably just call the 6k my recovery run. 😉

My quarter starts on the 5th, as does my half marathon training plan. To be honest, I’m a little nervous for that race. It’s significantly farther than I’m running now, but I guess that’s why I have 12 weeks to work up to it. Right? There’s no real reason to be nervous about it. It’s not like I’m going to run it tomorrow and have to beat a certain time (THANK GOD!) This will be my base-line half and it will only improve from there. Same goes for the 10k. The 5k will be better than February and the 6k might or might not be better than the St. Paddy’s Day Dash. They are looking for volunteers for that one, so maybe I’ll sit it out to help out.

Here’s the info:

10k Earth Day @ Magnuson Park

6k Seattle Run for Water

5k Top Pot Doughnut Dash

Here’s why I’m excited about each: the run at Magnuson is cheap! The 6k is through a flat, pretty park on the Seattle waterfront. And the Top Pot race… it supports Childhaven (not significantly, I know). They make good doughnuts but I prefer salty junk to sweet junk. I’m just not that into you, Doughnuts. But I’ll choke one down in the spirit of the race. 😉

I did my cross-training today and my knee feels fine. I think I need to go back and do my original ab routine in addition to what I’m doing now. I’m not going to push it on tomorrow’s run with tempo or distance. I’ll keep it wrapped up and ice it afterward as a preëmptive strike. I’m not taking any painkillers, although I don’t unless it’s a prescription. I’ve always felt like if it’s really painful I’ll treat it will real medicine. I think mostly it just feels weak and not painful. Tomorrow’s an early run and I’m looking forward to it! It’s going to be in the low 40s when I’m running, which is perfect. They claim no rain, which would certainly be drier than Monday was. Ah! I’m all amped up now!

G’night lovlies!


2 thoughts on “better, stronger, faster

  1. Man! I envy you. I signed up for a 10k(running on saturday) and I am so nervous! I wouldnt dare think of signing up for back to backs or 3 in a month. Great Job! keep it up! I hope I develope a love for running soon!

    • Thanks, Ed! It’s nothing to envy, though. Races are what keep me motivated to run. I’ve been doing 5ks on and off for 4 years or so and I enjoy trying new things (distances). Every time I look back at how far I’ve come, I appreciate my current position more. I’m not nearly as fast as I want to be, but I’m light years ahead of where I started. Good luck on Saturday!

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