let’s talk about sweat, baby

Apologies to Salt n Pepa and to anyone else who will have that song in their head for the next 6 hours

You know the saying that women don’t sweat, they perspire? And that women in the South don’t perspire, they glow? I guess I’m not as far removed from my Southern roots as I thought. I don’t sweat. I drink around  100 oz. of water a day, plus the incidentals from green tea and my foods. Anything less than that and I can tell I’m dehydrated. But I don’t sweat. I get a glow but my body prefers to release heat in a much less flattering way. All of my blood rushes to my capillaries to release heat. And my circulatory system seems to be under the impression that the only place that heat can be released from is my face. So basically, I look like this little guy/gal, but with significantly less body hair (at least I have that going for me?) So not only do I run which is a complete anomaly in this neighborhood, but I look like that sad little uacari. That’s also how my skin reacts to being exposed to prolonged (read 30+ minutes) sunshine. I hold my north-Atlantic islander ancestors and the PNW weather equally responsible for that reaction.

I’m totally self-conscious about it. I will be lobster red and not out of breath. If I start thinking about it I can ruin my run. How’s that for not having gotten past the adolescent center-of-the-universe complex? I think it’s time to submit a photo to Operation Beautiful.

I’m not sure what to say or do about my knee. It hurt during my run today. It didn’t get progressively more painful, but it was enough to end my run early. I’ve read enough about knee injuries that I can’t pinpoint one as the issue. None of the descriptions really seem to mesh with my experiences. As a hypochondriac, I’m hesitantly self-diagnosing runner’s knee. I bought some tape so I’ll test that out today and tomorrow. Not much else to say. I feel like I’m in that no-man’s land between feeling healthy and being injured.

I’m going to whine for another minute here. Normally I would heed your voices (is it wrong I can hear you?) and make a doctor’s appointment. I’m super lucky that I’ve seen a GP who specializes in sports medicine since my age was measured in single digits. It’s not that great this time of year, though. He’s one of the alternate team doctors for the Mariners. Which means that he’s not usually the one you see on TV when one of them is injured (although I remember a while back there was a TB scare and he was on TV then), but he is unavailable during spring training. He isn’t in AZ the entire time, but it’s difficult to get an appointment with him. I’ve seen a few of the other doctors at his practice, but I am not as fond of them. Yet another reason I’m in limbo. On the other hand,  it’s always fun to go in because all the rooms are decorated with different autographed photos, jerseys and/or baseballs. He’s got stuff from back when they had the royal blue and gold trident M. He also has some Seahawks and Sonics memorabilia. If only there were Sounders rooms, too.

I plan to continue running, but I might need to find a different half marathon. The one in Bellingham sounds nice, especially since I’ve got friends and family up there. Maybe something east of the mountains, depending on the season. I think I’m going to stop increasing my distance, at least until I can get an appointment. And possibly lay off the speed work except that it doesn’t seem to make things worse. Ugh. Enough is enough already!

In semi-related news, I registered as a Running Buddy with Girls on the Run! I’m really excited about it. The one that would be most convenient for me was already full, but the one I signed up for will still work really well for me and my crazy schedule.

In unrelated news, I’m having a blast at Day Zero. The idea is to create a list of 101 goals and complete them in 1001 days (2 3/4 years). Mine starts April 1st, and I’m only up to 35 goals so far. LOL Maybe I’m not motivated enough? It’s hard!

I might or might not ever settle on a layout. When I learn to design my own (yeah right) or WordPress creates the perfect one…


2 thoughts on “let’s talk about sweat, baby

  1. Am I too new a bloggy-friend to say suck it up and go to the doctor anyways?! Running through PAIN is a bad idea. You will almost certainly end up more injured than you are to begin with (side note: can you be *more* injured than just…well…injured?!? lol) and that would suck more than taking a break if that’s what the doc tells you. Your long term health is more important than running in the short term. IMHO. 🙂

    • No you’re not. 🙂 I made an appointment this morning. I don’t know what I’m so afraid of. He’s an athlete and works with professional athletes so it’s not like he’s going to tell me to quit running. He’s just going to tell me how to make it not hurt when I run. So why would I want to avoid that?

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