life is amazing sometimes

Yesterday I was having one of those epic, crap-tastic days where you just want to hide by the time you’ve finished eating breakfast, never mind the rest of the day. The details are insignificant, it was just the accumulative weight of all those straws on this little camel’s back. But I do have a story to share.

We did some group work in my class last night, where one member (Annoying Guy) was asking personal questions that I consider tacky. Namely, “So, what do you do?”

I was not in a good place to start with, and this just made that little black cloud over my head to swell.  About an hour later, during our break, the third member of the group turned to me and said the most healing, calming, wonderful phrase I have ever heard from a stranger.

“I understand.”

It was in regarding something I said in response to Annoying Guy, but it had the power to melt away everything I was thinking and feeling. I’ve been working on a low-grade migraine for at least 4 days now, and for a brief few minutes even that disappeared.

Moral of the story? Words are really powerful. I’m quite sure this man has no idea that for the rest of the night, every time I thought about what he said, I teared up. I’m doing it now. I love the support I get from my family (although none of them know about my little blog yet…), and I love what I get from stalking reading and commenting on other blogs, but I didn’t realize how good it feels to hear it in a face-to-face conversation. Even though it’s completely unrelated to my exercise life.


Back to the exercise thing. Ed, over at Monday315, took on an exercise challenge. Each comment equaled one minute, and in the end Ed spent 92 consecutive minutes on the elliptical. Badass, right? Especially for a guy who has set a personal goal to lose more than my entire body weight in just 12 months. I am awed.

Ed’s level of badass inspired Tara, of 263 and Counting, who is a total badass herself. She was inspired enough to do a tribute workout, matching the length of Ed’s EEE (Epic Elliptical Event – how’s that for a TLA, Tara? 😉 ). Tara also asked for others to join her in this, which is where I come in.

I’m going to be riding my bike. Yeah, that metal thing sitting next to me now, judging me for my lack of balance. It’s mocking me because it leans to the left and doesn’t tip over. I feel wobbly just looking at it. But this is about me getting over my big really strange and totally irrational issues. Like bananas. I totally own bananas now. I have dreams and my issue with this wheeled contraption is holding me back from at least three of them.

My plan, and what I pledged on Tara’s post, was to do my bike ride today. It just didn’t work out, due almost entirely to my calendar issues. Mainly being, Hubs is at the Mariners game tonight but I thought it was tomorrow… But it’s only postponing me a few hours. Plus, this gives me a chance to map out a route that keeps me off the scary suburban roads and on a nice safe bike path.

I cannot wait to get started on my ride, and I’m looking forward to posting pics and a recap tomorrow afternoon/night!


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