went for a bike ride

It went fine. My quads are definitely sore and tomorrow might be really painful to walk, but I had fun.  Some adjustments will have to be made, though. My bike is about 1-2″ too tall for me, which gives me the choice of growing my legs longer (I’ve tried unsuccessfully for years), learning to bike in platforms ( OH HELL NAW) or switching out my old-school, super padded seat for something less padded and modern. My bike is something of a beast.

fraternal twinsy!

It’s a 1960s Raleigh that looks just like this one, except mine is gun metal gray with a rack in the back and a basket in the front. And it has a tire pump attached (it doesn’t work and it doesn’t come off).  I now appreciate why Hubs was telling me that I wouldn’t want to commute with my bike. The thing is so heavy I’m not sure I want to move it when the time comes. I’m going to need a forklift. It definitely needs a tune-up (whatever that implies). The brakes weren’t instilling any confidence and Hubs said the tubes need to be replaced (more Martian speak). Once I feel confident on this thing, I’m definitely going to be looking for a lighter-weight bike for commuting (mayyyyybe) and for attempting a triathlon (dream big, right?).

It was a gorgeous morning, so naturally I forgot my camera. But, I do know where it is and the battery is charged. That’s pretty much a win in my book.

All in all it was a success, although I feel like I’m still not over my bike issues. Honestly,  I feel most like I just won survived the first round of Russian Roulette. Which is not particularly enjoyable. I’d like to just enjoy riding a bike. Someday. Soon.

Look what I came across when I was Googling bike images. I think I’d be a lot more into biking if mine looked like this:

Dreamy, isn't it?

I think I’d be way more into biking if mine was purple. Of course, that purple clashes with my purple helmet, so maybe it’s for the best that my bike is gray. It’s prettier than that brown one. Because once again, my priorities are clearly in need of some reorganization. 😉

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