eating my words

Remember how I was all excited to be moving back to a real city where I would be able to run on sidewalks, mostly without threat of being run over by an SUV (a Prius is a more likely culprit in Seattle). Well. Funny thing about that. The sidewalks in the new neighborhood remind me of the school from Harry Potter (can you tell I’m sleep-deprived? I will now refer to everything as ‘thing’ just to clear things up ūüėČ ) where the stairs move. No, the sidewalks don’t move, but there is no rhyme or reason for the placement of such. Some blocks have them, some don’t. My block doesn’t have one. Because how could it be otherwise? Somehow a lack of sidewalk in Seattle just isn’t as dangerous sounding as no sidewalks in Bellevue.

Apparently the current mayor promised to give us all sidewalks if he was elected. There’s a community meeting on Tuesday night to discuss it. Knowing Seattle politics, it will take 43 meetings and 19 proposals (8 of which will be ‘green’) and at least 18 months after the mayor agrees to pave¬†them before anything gets started. So I’m not holding my breath. But I’m only 5 or so blocks from the normal part of the city where every street has a sidewalk. On both sides.¬†And I saw dozens¬†of people running this morning! Glorious!! And speaking of¬†glorious… Mt. Rainier.¬†Go look at it if you can, and if you can’t… I’m sorry. It’s looking truly spectacular today. Imagine.


3 thoughts on “eating my words

    • Well…. I’m close-ish to Greenlake. Maybe sometime this summer we’ll have a PNW blogger gathering there?

  1. Wasn’t it just gorgeous on Sunday?!? And AMEN to Greenlake and running on sidewalks. I, too, live in a neighborhood where the sidewalks are kind of “now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t”-ish. Annoying!

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