Forgive me, dear Readers, for I have sinned. I have no idea when I ran last (mainly because I don’t have time to search through my recent posts). I would really like to, but I’m overwhelmed by boxes. The house is super cute, even when it’s full of my stuff. We’ve all settled in nicely, including the bunnies. Oh? I haven’t mentioned them?

Jubilee and Storm

This is the photo I “borrowed” from Petfinder, since all my photos are on the desktop which is now in storage at the in-law’s house. That’s right, the laptop has been resurrected! Sadly, it only has IE instead of Firefox since apparently I downloaded a fake Firefox that tried to eat my laptop. Hubs has put me in a downloading timeout. I probably deserve it. ANYWAY. I’m working out a new routine so the regularly scheduled blog (aka not begging you for money or rambling about my non-running life) will return soon.

Some day I will catch up with your blogs because I really do miss reading them. I’ve decided that my next phone will have to have better internet capabilities since not having it at home (even temporarily) sucks. I’m sitting in a bizarre little coffee shop now. Oh, to be back in the homeland where I have the option of independent coffee shops instead of that one place that everyone thinks of when they think of Seattle + coffee (aka burnt beans).

Okay, gotta run. Still have to get to Ikea.   o.O


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