I can’t post a pic of the new hair, at the moment. Think Betty Page, but with more clothes on (at least now 😉 ) & less volume to my hair. But hopefully it will happen soon (the pictures, not the nakey time. I’m still at school.). Getting really excited/nervous for this weekend. I have this problem with doing nothing for a long time and then getting all crazy and doing SO MUCH STUFF all at once. I’m really excited. Except that my babysitters forgot they were supposed to babysit Saturday morning so I’m currently EFFED re: Napoleon. It’s okay because somehow it will all work out. And I will be exhausted Monday.But life goes on.

Gotta run! If only it were literally… sigh. I’m running Greenlake as butt-crack-of-dawn o’clock tomorrow, though. Then hot yoga after my 8 hour psychology seminar. o.O

Okay, really. Bye now!!


One thought on “sooooooo

  1. What time will you be running Greenlake tomorrow? Hope your day/weekend goes well and look forward to seeing you Sunday!

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