National Running Day!

I squeezed a run in! It feels like a greater accomplishment than it should, but oh, well. Life is hectic now (was there a point when it wasn’t?) and I’m glad I did it. For about 15 seconds I seriously considered a nap. But no go on that. I only have a few weeks to build back up to 10 miles a week before the real training begins. I confess, I just haven’t gotten back into the swing of things since the end of March.  But I haven’t quit, and that’s what I’m focusing on. Plus, I really need the mentally soothing quality that running provides me. I’ve got one quiz, one huge presentation and three finals between me and the end of the quarter. All crammed into 6 class sessions. No sweat, right? o.O


2 thoughts on “National Running Day!

    • Thank ya ma’am. I’m feeling a little better about the test today. Or I was until I started thinking about it again. Gulp.

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