night running

It’s my “everything old is new again” thing, apparently. I’m going back to evening/night runs. Because I can no longer get my ass out of the house during the day need to focus on finals during daylight hours and a night run will give me a major mental boost before I start typing this next paper. And because I am on a training plan. Minor adjustments are acceptable. Skipping runs is not. So, I will run when I can. And take the time next week to plan out a schedule that I can adhere to CONSISTENTLY over the summer.


2 thoughts on “night running

  1. Ah, I so hear you on night running! I actually kind of love it during the summertime, especially when I can run on Alki (I used to live in West Seattle). Do it when you can, because that is WAY better than not doing it!

    • Very true! There is no way this summer will be like last year, so a 9pm run will acutally be just fine temperature wise.

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