The Calendar Strikes Again

So that run I was going to go on last night… Yeah. It was actually scheduled for today. But the sentiment still holds true. Adjustments to the plan are acceptable, skipping runs are not. Today was the day. And it was nice. I needed it today. It’s crazy finals week x 2. My last final is next Monday because this guy does not adjust well. He had nothing on the class schedule for May 24th, but he scheduled a test for Memorial Day. So instead of pushing that test back and keeping everything else on schedule (which would have made today the last day) he bumped everything back a week. Although, I guess I’m glad. I only have one paper left to write for Wednesday’s class. I just don’t know how to start it. And I’m really freaked out because my entire grade is dependent on this paper. It was originally based on two papers, but he (aka Interrupting Cow Professor) decided last week that he would use whatever grade was higher as our final grade. Except, I never got my last paper back from him so I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what that grade was. I don’t know what sort of adjustments should be made (because I know there must have been some needed since I only half-assed it). So it all comes down to this one. I’m not holding my breath for a good grade. Ugh. This quarter has been 2/3 very stupid (aka bad for the GPA.) Thursdays have been the highlight of the quarter and I’m already registered to take another class from that professor fall quarter.

Also, I’ve decided to type up some blogs and post when the time comes. Like… now.


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