feeling blah

Most likely the reason I feel like that now is because I need to type another 2-3 sentences on my final paper for my class tonight. I’ve tried to close the thing for at least an hour. It’s just not happening. I’ve written and rewritten probably seven times. I’ll be baking some treats for class tonight. This class has been… unique. I don’t know that I’ve gotten anything out of the class since I still can’t tell what the professor finds to be important, other than mocking people with Southern accents but since he’s from rural Mississippi I guess he can if he wants. Whatever. I’m not planning on sticking around anyway. My auntie has an art show opening in downtown Seattle this evening and I’d really like to stop by and see it/her. Family wins over hanging around a class I feel ambivalent about.

I still have a final presentation to give tomorrow. I’m on the fence about it because I’m excited to show what we’ve done (applying concepts learned to a case study) but I really dread having everyone looking at me. Maybe I’ll bake some treats for that class, too. I’m taking another class from this professor fall quarter. It’s going to be a long night since we have about 3 hours worth of presentations to get through. But that’s assuming everyone shows. Last week was a test and out of the 35 registered there were maybe 25, and only about 12 stuck around after the test. Some people just don’t know a good thing when it’s standing at the front of the room lecturing to them. *insert eye rolling & head shaking here* lol

Then there is my Monday class from Hades. He was trying to work out a way that he wouldn’t have to come back to Seattle next week to give the final. My professors are flown in from the other side of the state each week. Any wonder why my tuition is three times what it is on the lame side of the state? Anyway, after some ideas that had me ready to assault him, he settled on giving everyone full credit for the final. Which means, once I get these stupid sentences typed, I’m pretty much done.

I have to confess. My running has sucked lately. I’m just off. I haven’t run farther than 2 miles since Relay for Life. I have it in me and I just haven’t pushed myself. That’s the story of my life at the moment. Not just running. I need a vacation. Except that I don’t think I can take one until the end of August or September. Rumor has it that my younger brother and his fiancé are coming to town in two weeks, but he hasn’t really told anyone anything (love you, Bro, but this is a pattern that must stop now). Then my parents are heading to the Midwest for a week to see my older brother and his family. Which means I get to take care of the dogs & cat. I don’t mind now that it doesn’t involve an hour commute or having them stay in our house when one of the dogs expresses his nervousness through is gastrointestinal output (think about it and it will make a disgusting amount of sense). Thankfully, I inherited my mom’s anti-green thumb so there are no houseplants for me to kill. Then my cousin and his family are coming to town for a few weeks. Hopefully they can sell their place in Baltimore soon & move out here for good! Then there might or might not be a gathering of my dad’s siblings on the West Coast in July (another cousin on that side is in for a HUGE military promotion in California). August brings a very sad family event on my mom’s side, followed by a wedding in Mexico (that I probably won’t be able to go to). Smash in an 8 week summer quarter in there, too.

Note to self: don’t forget you’ve got to be training for a half marathon in there, too! See? I’m just pysching myself out. Why? Do I not want to run the half? Maybe not. But seeing as how I have already registered for the race, if I don’t run it, I fail. And that of course is my biggest fear. Failing. So it’s simple. I will run so that I don’t fail at running. Is it sad that makes me feel better? I’m tired of being unhealthy at a ‘healthy’ weight. I’m tired of feeling like tired and lazy and out of shape. This isn’t me. Self pity. Mopey. Whine. Complain.

So, now my paper is done. And I’m registered for the Fremont 5k. Join me if you can. I could use a running buddy to boost my spirits/slap me around. 🙂


One thought on “feeling blah

  1. Boo on feeling blah! Let me know if you want to get together for a short run or Greenlake or something. Sometimes having a running partner makes it easier to go! And it looks like we’re going to have FAB weather this weekend, so hooray for that!

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