July 4th fun run

Okay, greater Seattle area peeps. Here’s the deal. Some local running club or another is hosting a (close to) midnight run on July 3rd. It starts at 11:55 and essentially does one big and one small loop around the Seattle Center. It’s a 5k, so you know you can go the distance. As you know, I’m struggling with motivation at this point. My ass is losing what little definition it had because I can’t seem to pry it off the couch these days. I need to have fun, while running, with as big of a group as I can get together. As I told my dad before our race last week, I’ll hold off winning my age division to keep pace with you. *INSERT BIG, THEATRICAL WINK HERE*

It’s a fun run, so I believe there is a costume competition after the race. Shall we coördinate? I call being a star. You know you need another t-shirt, and this race shirt is THE ONE to add to your collection because IT WILL GLOW IN THE DARK!!!

So leave me a comment, send me an email, facebook me or think at me really loudly to let me know you want to run with me.

Here’s the official race site.


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