I read my horoscope everyday. Usually, it’s for a laugh since it’s always telling me how today is the day I meet my soul mate (nevermind that I’m already married or anything). Or that I’m going to get that big promotion at work (does that mean the government will start subsidizing my position as stay at home mom?) Or some other nonsense. Then there are gems. Like today.

Today, you’ll need to come up with the answer to an important question, Scorpio. What do you really want? Events might compel you to choose between your current way of living and a more stable life. But you could be worried about the unknown. It’s ironic, but you will need to change your habits if you want more stability. Think about it.

I actually laughed at an audible level (that’s LAAAL to the uninitiated)  when I read it. On the one hand, it’s like fake Eastern philosophy. Hella obvious. On the other hand, I clearly need things spelled out for me, preferably louder and slower than normal.

You know what else? It’s summer now. And it is actually sunny. That’s a big deal ’round these here parts. Yesterday was my anniversary (Hubs remembered on his own!) and it was overcast and blah. Today it’s gorgeous and I’m going running! (You’ll notice that’s nothing like a visit to the dentist.)

I’m working on being in the moment until I get out of this funk. One day at a time. And now I have to go rescue my father from whatever fiasco he has self-induced while trying to paint.


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