I guess I am a runner (for now)

You know how I figured it out? Simple. Tuesday night I was planning on going for a run around 9 pm. Except that Hubs didn’t get home until after 11pm. He had a flat tire on his way home from his soccer game and couldn’t call.*

I was disappointed. More disappointed than I realized. So I cried. And cried. I surpassed Justin Timberlake’s request to cry him a river and cried myself a fjord. I was about to cry myself a delta, but then I got things under control. I set my alarm for 4:45am and went to bed.

After ignoring my alarm for 15 minutes (intentionally, since that way I feel like I’m getting away with something and I’m still on time) I decided that I didn’t need to run and I could just sleep in.

And for eight minutes I laid there. There are only two other mornings where I have ever been so alert sans coffee (that would be 9/11 and the day my uterus ejected my son), but this was by far the earliest. I rolled out of bed and got myself out the door.

It was mediocre as far as runs go. I kept my music down low so I could concentrate on my breathing (when I felt like it). I thought about how my feet were “kissing the earth” and I got me some freakin’ inner peace.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was a spiritual moment, but it sure was centering. It took me to that place that yoga always says it will and never has. Yeah, I said it. Yoga isn’t my thing. Moving on.

So for today, I am a runner. Again. And I’m going to stay in this moment until this feeling has been around a little longer. I’m running again today. Maybe even at the Bog of Eternal Stench.**

OH! I have big news, but not right now. 😉

*Billy Brontosaurus (nee Napoleon, nee Sweet Little Monster) decided to try being a T-Rex for a time and Daddy’s phone became “dinner” so Hubs is temporarily without a phone.

**my name for Greenlake. Top notes of earth, middle notes of rotting vegetation, with base notes of dirty diaper during the summer months. But only if you are downwind. Otherwise, it’s quite lovely.


2 thoughts on “I guess I am a runner (for now)

  1. Thank you! After a conversation with my more reasonably-minded half (Hubs), the big news is not quite as big. But still exciting. 🙂

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