school & schedule mix-up

And all the song lyrics you can think of…

Today I start a new quarter. We’ll see how things go. Remember my terrible Monday class last quarter, that based on the grades I received, I shouldn’t have gotten higher than a 3.4? Well, I got a 4.0. And remember the Wednesday class that ‘forced’ me to take a mental health day? The one where my whole grade was based on two essays and then just one essay (but he never gave my first one back so I had no idea how my writing style went over)? I got a 3.0. On the one hand, I’m irked because I just don’t get grades that low anymore. On the other hand, I feel like it could have been much worse. Thursday’s class was a 4.0 and so was my 2 credit seminar on trauma & memory which turned out to be exclusively about childhood sexual abuse. If I had known, I probably wouldn’t have taken it.

So, a new quarter starts today. I am registered for three seminars this quarter, but I might not be able to take two of them because of something else. But I’m not sure if the something else will come through or not. And I might just show up to the seminars late. Who knows.

Yesterday I was supposed to run. I vaguely remembered that through my Pride-induced hangover. Then I thought about it for a bit, and rationalized switching my strength/stretch day (today) with my running day (yesterday). So tonight I will run. Probably while doing double duty at the laundromat.

Did I mention that bunnies are evil? They somehow managed to chew through the electrical cord to the washer without electrocuting themselves (which I am thankful for). But now we have a broken washer and a TON of dirty laundry.

So I will run tonight. And enjoy every minute of it. Or reflectively enjoy every minute of it once I’m done.


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