Val, this one's for you

That teaser from a few days back?

*Deep breath*

I have registered with Sole Mates, which is the adult fundraising arm associated with Girls on the Run. I’m still a little confused about how things work, but apparently all I have to do is raise $262 for them. I think I want to do it fun this time and get $1 donations from 262 (+) people. But I’m not begging you for money just yet, so relax and read on.

What race will I be participating in after collecting all your $1 donations? I’m so glad you asked! I’ll be participating in the Seattle Marathon. THE SEATTLE MARATHON. They offer free training plans, but part of the incentive for the Seattle Marathon is an actual training group through Sole Mates.  This is where my understanding is shady, since I only emailed the local GOTR branch today about the details.

Now here’s the kicker, of sorts. I’ve been secretly lusting after running this marathon for the last few months. Hubs (the rational half of this marriage) thinks that I’ll be biting off more than I can run if I sign up for the run. He thinks I should register for the marathon walk. Part of me knows that he’s probably right. But the rest of me very slightly resents the implication that he doesn’t think I can do it. Because I already have those thoughts running through my head. Pretty much constantly and about every. single. aspect. of. my. life.

It will force me to really look at some training plans to see if this can work for me. But I’m not saying anything definitive anyway. Not yet, anyway.

But walking or running, I’m doing the Seattle Marathon 2010. When I’ve said that enough times to make it feel real I’ll let you know.

Ooh! I have two new purchases on their way to me. These and this. You know I’ll love them. Especially since I’ve lusted after them both for ages.


2 thoughts on “Val, this one's for you

  1. Woohoo! Man, when u do a teaser, u don’t mess around! I’m excited no matter what u decide, & u don’t have to ask me for money, I’m in!

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