'fessions: still not running regularly

I keep letting life be in charge of things. I keep letting things pile up until I’m out of time for running. This is even after registering for a number of races and spilling the beans about my autumn plans. WHY?!?! Do I want to fail? I’m sure as you-know-what acting like it.

My hip has bothered me. Every run no matter how long or short, it starts to ache in the last ten minutes or so. That leads me to assume that my posture is disintegrating or something. Or else it’s all in my head and I need therapy more than I thought. I’m concerned that my moron GP (because let’s face it, he really is a moron) misdiagnosed an issue with my IT band as being overly tight hamstrings.

I’m holding myself back and I don’t know why. Talking about it isn’t working. Thinking about it isn’t working. Blogging about it isn’t working. Might I have hit the point where I must actually DO something about it? *GASP*

Not running is really interfering with my plans. So why am I not doing it? I need to get out and do at least a mile tonight. I absolutely can’t go to the Firecracker 500o without having run in a week (or more).

I’m already resenting my classes this summer. I think a good even a mediocre run will help me re-center. I’m waiting for an email that will either have good news or not-good news. But either way, news would be welcome. No news is driving me batty.BATTY.

So: new plan. One day at a time/fake it ’til I make it. Pity party over. For realz this time.

Also, please don’t wear Lulu Lemon wear with red velveteen stilettos. It just makes you look confused.


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