new shoes!

And so not like I meant in the old days (the old requirement was at least one dangerously pointy end). My Nike Frees showed up on Wednesday and I ran in them both Thursday and Friday. They felt crazy at first since they are supposed to mimic being barefoot. I wouldn’t  say that, but they definitely felt different from my other running shoes. They fit kind of crazy. It’s all one piece. No tongue. It’s a workout just to get my feet in them. lol I have been informed that I have abnormally wide feet for their length (by a jack*ss I went to high school with, not by a professional 😉 ). Once I get my feet in I still have a thumb-width of toe room. Just another weird aspect of myself that I am oversharing.

ANYWAY. I’ve had great runs lately. I’ve tweaked my training schedule a dozen times and settled on doing my long runs on Monday (Thanks SRG!) since it just works better. Also, it’s more comfortable to run at 6:30 am than 9:30 pm.

THIS IS HOW GOOD MY RUNNING IS: I am excited to do my strength training tomorrow! Read that again, slowly. I’ll wait. Yeah, I said it. EXCITED. FOR. STRENGTH. TRAINING. Why? I can’t explain. Let’s just go with endorphin overload.

OH! The only bad thing is that I somehow lost my Nike+ sensor. Not the shoe part but the plug-into-the-iPod part. Lame. I know I hid it somewhere but for the life of me, I cannot remember where. I’m just too smart for my own good. But I’m going to stop by my coffee shop later to see if I might have left it there.

And now it’s time to get back to my schizophrenia seminar. Each time I take a psychology seminar I thank the powers that be for not being a psych major. It makes my brain cry even though I love everything about psychology.


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