new layout?

I’ve been bored with this one for ages, so I think I’ll update it sooner or later. Now that I’ve typed that out it probably won’t happen until September. Low priority, after all.

What do you think of re-evaluating goals/rewards? Is there a point where you say, ‘no, that goal is not realistic’ or once you set a goal do you chase it down even if it is looooooooooooooooooong, years away? Sigh. I’m thinking I’ll end up sticking to the original goal, but darn it if I don’t want to assign my reward to something else (read: something happening in the much more immediate future).

Running has taught me the benefit of delayed gratification, but I think there is only so much delay one person can take (read: not much for this one person).

Probable solution? A similar reward. Smaller because I will be meeting a smaller goal.

Do you ever get jealous of seeing people running when you aren’t/can’t, even though you’ve already run for the day? I have to find a new way to the Eastside. My current route takes me past Greenlake and darned if I don’t get insanely albeit momentarily, jealous of the people running. Nevermind that I already ran 4 miles this morning. I find that I tend to get light-headed if I go for more than two miles before I eat. I guess I get to take my crack with me on my AM runs! I like that my favorite flavor is on top in that picture.

Why not head over here and leave me a dollar? Do it now and you’re off the hook! Well, I’d love it if you’d spread the word since I think it would be awesome to have everyone donate a single dollar to meet the fundraising goal.


2 thoughts on “new layout?

  1. I totally change up my goals all the time. I’m not so tied to any particular idea (except living a healthy life) that I won’t let it go if things change and it just seems like the right thing.

    I also tend to reward behaviors rather than achieving a certain thing. For example, I’m not setting up rewards based on weight I lose or miles I run, but for sticking to my healthy behaviors over time.

    What’s the reward you’re jonesing for??

    • I like the behavior reward idea. I have a few tattoos in mind (but when do I not?). The ones I want are going to be big and since I can’t justify spending that kind of money on myself just because I want to, I require myself to earn them. But I’ll get one done in September to celebrate the half. Right now, I’m leaning towards leaving them at the benchmarks I have in mind and just committing to doing them in the near future.

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