lessons learned

Running with a sunburn sucks. No two ways about it. At a higher ranking on the suck-meter is getting sunburned through SPF 50. I skipped my Friday run and skipping today’s cross training. And mentally kicking my ass for the whole thing

*I take the directions on sunscreen seriously and I’m currently treating the burned areas with all the remedies I know of…


2 thoughts on “lessons learned

  1. I hate hate hate sunburns. I have tried everything to get rid of them! It does suck that you had to miss your run and your XT. I hate when I miss those too!

    • An Italian friend told me to try a tiny bit of olive oil on the burn. It seems to have helped- a lot more than my mom’s suggestion of vinegar (which just made me & the house smell like an enormous pickle). Thanks for dropping by, Ed!

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