follow through: I has it!

As you can plainly see, I finally updated the layout. Maybe WordPress will create one that randomly cycles through a preselected number of themes that magically always reflect my current mood. Or maybe I’ll learn how to make my own. Current mood being: totally exhausted and yet, feeling full of potential energy. Perhaps I could use a little of that energy to stop up my ears so Harold doesn’t wake me up 8 times in the night. Or maybe the alcoholics down the street won’t forget to let the dog in so the poor thing doesn’t go totally nuts at 3am barking to be let back in the house. Or I might just have another continually interrupted night. Either way. Whatever works. Really, I have no preference.

My plan to make up today’s not-run tomorrow has been partially foiled (which reminds me that I need a haircut), so I have to split it into two runs. See how life tried to throw a haymaker at me and I countered with a sneaky left uppercut? Sorry, Life. I won’t be thrown this round.

Harold just ah-aw-ah-aw-ahed to let me know what sort of night it will be. The sounds he make sound nothing like ‘cock-a-doodle-doo’. This city girl feels cheated.


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