where have I been?

Here… but not here. The blog has taken a backseat to life. I seem to be suffering from some sort of mild, short-term narcolepsy. I’m not mocking a serious disorder. I just cannot stay awake after dark and it’s all I can do to drag my ass out of bed in the morning. And then it gets hot. Seattle-hot, not exactly hot-hot.

I skipped postponed my long run from this morning until tomorrow morning. I didn’t wake up until 8am and I barely had the energy to make a pot of coffee let alone go running.

I’m not feeling guilty about it as much as I am confused about why I have so little energy. I’m quite sure I’d feel better if I did run. Maybe a track workout is what I need? I went to an open swim yesterday and it made me miss swimming. Actually, it really made me miss goggles. The wee man had his very first swimming lesson. Verdict? He loved it. He really is my son. 😉 I’m really excited for him to really be swimming. Time to dig out the old pool schedule. I think Tuesdays will be my swimming day.

I have a super special running date on Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “where have I been?

    • While that is always a possibility, my best guess is no. I think it might be a combo of very slight anemia and slight dehydration.

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