running feels good again

I had an impromptu running date with Val this morning. She was planning on 3.5 and I was planning on 5. We ran at the Bog and it was completely gorgeous this morning. It had that medieval look to it, like a castle could have appeared out of the mist all of a sudden.

Thanks to a little we learned after the fact that Val’s run was actually 3.75 and mine was actually 7.39. Speaking only for myself, this is what happens when you take a social sciences major, deprive her of sleep*, and ‘force’ her to be somewhere before 7 am. I love you math, but I clearly don’t understand you.

*Sleep deprivation took the joint efforts of Harold the rooster/my earplugs falling out, my bladder and Twitter not respecting the “do not disturb before 6am” notice I hung on my door. Seriously, Twitter. By 6am, I actually meant West Coast time since that’s where I live. Not 6am East Coast. This is a problem because my phone is my alarm. I don’t really want to have to turn the mobile alerts on and off every day, but if you can’t respect West Coast time then that’s the way it will have to be.

After my run I had time for a quick shower before meeting my oldest friend (length of friendship not chronological age) and her boyfriend for brunch. Bubs was barely able to control himself, and I seriously considered licking the butter and maple syrup off his pancakes. I refrained and had a delicious omlette instead. Oh, hi there self-control! Nice of you to drop by. Stick around a while, won’t you? The whole experience was bordering on chaos. Okay, Simone and James probably thought it was chaos, but they don’t have a 4-year-old.

And now I seriously have to type a paper and possibly even study for my quiz tonight. I am so thankful that this quarter is almost over. I’ve developed an unhealthy hatred of these two classes so it’s a good thing that they end next week.


2 thoughts on “running feels good again

    • They work for me! It can be our ‘thing’. Now all we need to do is convince Miss Tara that if she’s willing to get up at 4:30am to run it might as well be with us!

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