surviving Tom Douglas

Besides getting in a run or two, I’ve got a packed weekend. I had a brunch date with one of my closest friends this morning. Or, it was going to be a brunch date, but got bumped up to 8am since she had to cram a hair appointment into her insanely full schedule. Parenthood turned me into something of a hermit, mainly because I’m easily overwhelmed and when I moved out of the city almost two years ago, I really dropped the ball re: friendships. Emails, phone calls and texts are no substitute for face time. BUT. We both had a great time and have decided to make it a monthly thing, since anything more often than that would just be a stressing factor and not a relaxing occasion.

We ended up picking a Tom Douglas restaurant, which is directly across the street from another Tom Douglas restaurant, etc. We ate at Lola, which has a Mediterranean flair to it. I think the best thing on the menu are their smashed potatoes. They take baby reds and smash them just a little flat, season them with deliciousness and you end up with something like hash browns. Luckily for me, I remembered to throw my self-control on this morning as I dashed out the door. Laura got a delicious looking eggs Benedict and I had an heirloom tomato, goat cheese and basil scramble (subbing fruit for my bacon & potatoes & focusing completely totally ignoring my toast). It looked good enough that I *almost* wished I had my camera so that I could share it with you. But, no… It was beyond delicious. Next up? Portage Bay.

What is your favorite restaurant/meal to eat out?

Plan for the rest of the day: attempt to write my research paper due on Thursday. I can do this. I will do this. But then I’m heading back down to Lola to celebrate my friend Brian’s last day as a bartender before he switches to managing full-time. So proud of him!

Hubs and Bubs are out on a boat with the in-laws and a group of my father-in-law’s coworkers (one of them owns the boat?) so that they can watch the hydroplanes and Blue Angels, which I can hear as I type. 🙂

Tomorrow morning I’m dropping Bubs off with my parents so that I can rendezvous with Val and Tara to go for a run before we watch the Blue Angels ourselves. I confess: the hydroplanes are not my thing. It’s too much like Nascar on water for my taste, but Seafair is always a blast! It’s looking to be a whopping 70 degrees tomorrow.

Then it’s back to paper writing time (I have a total of 22 pages due this week). I cannot remember the last time I was so excited for a quarter to be finished. I think it’s less about school and more about everything that has gone on in the rest of my life. Good riddance to July 2010.

I received an email asking about the name I blog under, which I totally understand (and thank you for asking!).

Short answer: Jord (pronounced ‘yorth’) is a character from Norse mythology who happens to be the mother of Thor.

Better answer: Jord is essentially Mother Earth which fits with my being a dirty hippie vegetarian raised by hippies.

Best answer: I am a dirty hippie vegetarian raised by hippies, who happens to have a son named Theodore, with the bad ass nickname of Thor. Which by the way, is the most fitting name I’ve ever heard a 4 year-old boy called. Just in case you were wondering. Which I know you were.

How did I come up with that name/nickname combination? To save my son the horrific fate his own father wanted to submit him to by naming him Ragnar. Before all you Norwegians get your viking horns in a twist, Ragnar is a great name. If you’re currently living in the Old Country. Or if you are a dog. Not for an innocent little baby, especially one with a Bavarian last name. So there.

Also, I hate hate hate “Theo” and “Ted/Teddy”. No, he will never have a sibling with a Norse themed name. Unfortunately, the connection between Norse mythology and neo-Nazism is too strong & I don’t really like any of the other names & it’s not my heritage anyway. Although I do have a good friend named Alvin, so maybe there is room for a Simon in our lives… LOL

Let me pick up the tab for your next/first 5K! I’m still looking for 259 donations to hit my goal as I raise money for Girls on the Run through Sole Mates. Minimum donation is only $1!


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