gone runnin’

Almost. 😉

Must  chop veggies, pack the cooler, gortex, fleece and a blanket or two. And drop Bubs on his semi-suspecting grandparents. For the third or fourth time this month, it’s been chilly enough that I can see my breath in the morning. BUT. I get to go run with my two ladies (Tara and Val) and then watch the Blue Angels. They’ll most likely be doing their flat show which means I’ll be deaf for 3 days, but lucky for me I know an interpreter that can help. 😉

I’m crossing my fingers that my paper will have written itself by the time I get back since I have no interest/didn’t get a durn thing done on it yesterday.


2 thoughts on “gone runnin’

  1. It was so great hanging out with you yesterday! Thanks for being flexible about the run this morning – my hips were shouting at me! Will do some serious stretching tonight and am excited to knock it out tomorrow.

    • It’s better for me, too. I didn’t sleep well & was trying to convince myself not to bail on you. Tomorrow is going to be a great run!

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