it's a lion sort of day

My mom is gone for the next two weeks (New York and then Cancun) so even though my dad is still in town, I’m walking their dogs in the mornings. Today I had 5 miles on my running menu so I opted to run to their house, walk the dogs and then run home. We live exactly 3 miles away from them, so it worked out well since I’m making minor adjustments to my training schedule when I feel like it, such as  running 6 when it’s more convenient than 5, or adding in a 2 mile dog-walking break to the middle of my 6 mile run.

I ate a package of shot blox and it seemed to be the right amount for my stomach. Still trying to work out what I can eat before running. It has less to do with running than with my instant nausea at jumping out of bed and immediately trying to eat something. I prefer a smoothie in the morning, but I’m also inherently lazy/do not wish to wake slumbering bears (Hubs & Bubs) when I need to eat before running out the door.

What do you eat before a first-thing-in-the-morning work out?

(I would seriously appreciate any vegetarian/non-banana related suggestions!!!)

It’s supposed to be 94 here today. My plan for battling the heat is to do like the lions do: lay down in some shade and not move at all. I will be eating popsicles and not gazelles, though. Also, I like to brush my hair. Is it wrong that every time I see a picture of a lion I want to brush his mane? Possibly. Then I think about just how dire the consequences of my attempted good deed would be, and move along with my day.


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