how to take a rest day even when you don't want to do it…

Here’s my step by step guide.

  1. Go back in time and have a baby a few years ago. (Or find a woman & convince her to do this step for you)
  2. Fast forward to last week, when said baby is now a preschooler who has caught a little cold & despite your best efforts is convinced that you make an acceptable (and perhaps even preferable) alternative to Kleenex.
  3. Do not move quickly enough to defend yourself when said preschooler sneezes in your face.
  4. Incubate the “invisible enemies”* in your body for about a week.
  5. Wake up with an aching lower back, the inability to stop sneezing all day (5.1: thank God that you are diligent about Kegels even when you slack about other exercises because if you weren’t, today would have involved more costume changes than a Miley Cyrus extravaganza), and then some fever/chills flashes all day.

Sounds freaking awesome, right? I know you’re totally jealous right now. Not just jealous, but JEALOUS (see below)

Watch it until the end (or skip right to the 12 second mark) & you’ll understand. Hubs and I make the huge eyes & hiss “JEALOUS” at each other all the time. The higher level of ridiculousness, the better.

*The phrase ‘invisible enemies’ came from a book about germs that my husband had when he was growing up. I cannot for the life of me find the name of said book, but I desperately want a copy. It would have most likely been published some time in the 1970s. Can you help me find it?


2 thoughts on “how to take a rest day even when you don't want to do it…

  1. Bummer about being sick. But you are SO good at making life's annoyances sound funny when you write! Bonus, no? Hope you feel better soon, let me know if you are up for a run on Monday morning!

    • I'm feeling better, thanks. And my hip is going to be ready to run tomorrow or Saturday, but maybe I'll take it for a spin today. I'll be out of town until next Wednesday, so I'm out this Monday. Let me know about a run later in the week. And if you want to go to the race expo on Saturday.

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