Elma recap

I registered for this race because I wanted something to do on our 5-6 day camping trip. It was an interesting experience. I got there with about 20 minutes to spare before start-time. For the second race in a row, there was proof that I had registered, but no packet for me. The race wasn’t chip timed, and if I had known that I wouldn’t have bothered running it. C’est la vie. The other big surprise of the day was that not only were they hosting a marathon/half marathon/10K/5K/1 mile fun run, but they were also hosting a sprint triathlon and some sort of extra short duathlon (2 mi run, 12 mile bike, 2 mile run). Even with all that, it was a tiny race. There were maybe 40 runners total. It was an out and back on a mostly flat rural highway.

I had an entire week off before this race. For a while I was running near a mom and her son, and she kept reminding him that the first mile is the hardest. I think for me it might be the first four. It takes me a while to find my rhythm, especially if I’m trying to pace myself.

By the turn around point, my knee was starting to bother me. I had an Ace bandage wrapped around my leg just above my knee and it did make a difference. It wasn’t the prettiest run (rural highway = boring), but I did see a road with the official name of “Karen’s Electrolysis”. Never in my life have I wished I had a camera like I did in that moment.

I was alone most of the race and desperately wished I had my music. Extra, extra boring. By mile 5, I was really feeling that I’d already been camping for 3 nights. Not to mention how tight my hamstrings had become. In the last 1/2 mile stretch I passed (or was passed) by the triathlon pack leaders as they started their bike ride. A few of them were very sweet saying that I was doing a great job and I was almost finished. As I’ve talked about before, I turn red when I run. Super extra red. Even when my heart rate is in the perfect zone & my breathing is completely in control. So people often think I’m having a much harder time than I am.

I crossed the (duct tape) start/finish line at about 1:05. Not fantastic, but I’m not complaining. I had a minor epiphany on the run, which I need to mull over and finish processing before I can type it up.

Meanwhile, I’m uploading over 300 pictures from the trip. I will probably share more of them than you’re interested in seeing very soon.


4 thoughts on “Elma recap

  1. Ah, you’re killing me with the “epiphany tease!” Can’t wait to hear about it. Sorry the run was underwhelming. I’m so impressed with the 1:05 and can’t imagine running that fast. I miss you, too! Run next week? Hugs!

    • Yes, run this week. I’m hoping that I can remember what the bleep I was thinking about on my next run. I cannot remember- I’m just left with the feeling that it was the start of a Big Idea. Swiss cheese brain is lame.

    • True. At some point I will get it through my head that not all races are epic experiences. It’s a blessing to be able to run in the first place.

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