Camping highlights

Friday: I spent the day packing and cleaning. Super exciting. Then, at about 8:45 pm we piled in the car and I proceeded to drive until 12:15 am. Thankfully, Bubs was asleep within 20 minutes. That was the crafty plan and we will NEVER go on a long car ride during daylight hours again. I love my son but I cannot listen to his no-volume-control monologues for over 3 hours while trapped in a car. I just can’t. The first two-thirds of the drive flew by, only in tiny part because I was speeding. The last third took at least 12 hours to drive. It felt like I drove the same 5 miles for hours. It was my own personal version of Groundhog’s Day. It got really foggy at one point and I found myself white-knuckling the wheel. Eventually, the turn off appeared and it was only another 3 miles to the cabin. We got to bed as quickly as we could, knowing Bubs would be up early.

Saturday: we started off with a lazy morning with a fire, coffee and oatmeal. Then it was time for a walk to the river.

The Clearwater River (north)

The Clearwater River (south)

watching Hurst Creek feed into the Clearwater

Hurst Creek

Then it was back to the cabin for lunch before heading out to the beach with my parents (they drove out Saturday morning).

low-ish tide

Feet, meet the Pacific.

world's most giantest drift log. evah.

lumpy trees at the trailhead

I also did about a one mile barefoot beach run. I would have loved to run farther, but I wasn’t dressed for it. Next time.

Sunday: Hubs has wanted to go on a hike in the Olympic National Park to the spot where there is supposedly one square inch of silence. No comment on that, but we (Hubs, Bubs, my dad and myself) did pack up a picnic lunch and took off for the Hoh Rainforest Visitors Center in the ONP. The road there was amazing. The least awesome part of the road was the one lane bridge at the bottom of a steep hill and sharp curve. On both sides. Not really a great place to narrow the road to one lane. But the Department of Natural Resources will do as it pleases. I looked for a suggestion box, but alas I could not find one. The absolute highlight of the road (to me) was something I spotted almost immediately after leaving the cabin.

there are no words to describe the level of awesomeness you are looking at right now.

I’m still speechless. HALF MILE MARKERS. I feel like I’ve seen it all at this point. Really, there is nothing that can top this. Ok, I do have a bunch of great pictures but this is my new favorite mental image.

On to the hike.

lots of moss, everywhere

moss. everywhere.

evidence of elk at the river

The Hoh River

see the rainbow ring? it indicates rains coming. And rain it did.

cedars will devour you if you don't move fast enough.

Next: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


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