speedy 4

So remember way back when (like 3 weeks ago which is an entire eon), when I ran that track work out like I was Lolo Jones? Things are back to normal, now. Primarily because I actually ran on a regulation track. It makes a surprising difference.

Yasso 800s, with a 1 mile warm up/1 mile cool down:

set 1- 3:03

set 2- 3:20

set 3- 3:39

set 4- 3:20

It was raining and went from dusk to pitch black. I had Bubs with me, and he ran laps of his own, totaling about 2 miles.

He’s my little superstar. He stood at the end of my laps, shouting “Go Mama! Run as fast as you can! You’re a cheetah! I’m a velociraptor so I’m faster, but you’re really fast for a mammal! WOW!!”

Seriously. I wish my legs were half as fast as his mouth.

I have that feeling of being full of potential again. Let’s chalk it up to my heart-to-heart with myself and not that I had a fully charged iPod.


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