Final Countdown…

I did my last prerace run today. It was one of those days where you wake up ready to run even though you know you’re not running until later. And when later rolls around, you’ve lost all desire to run at all.


I did go, and it was interesting. I was focusing on running with a midfoot strike (even though I’m not sure what I’m doing). I made it about 2 miles before my knee started to feel incredibly weak. Lucky for me, I had reached my destination (farmer’s market). Bubs had a meltdown shortly after he & Hubs met me there, so we didn’t end up buying anything other than heirloom tomatoes (must feed the addiction while I still can) and basil.

After wrestling Bubs back into the car, I ran home. The midfoot strike made a huge difference in my pace. I didn’t time my first two miles because I had to stop at the ATM and then at the library for some water, but it felt like it flew by, even though it was at least half uphill. My return trip was 19 minutes, including two stop lights. It felt amazing to not feel sluggish. I won’t be keeping that pace up during the half, but it still felt good. I’ve got a bunch of new music to listen to during the race and I’m feeling GOOD about this.


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