absentee blogger

Which is not nearly as harmful as absentee parents but somewhat less convenient than absentee voting (which by the way, King County, you have taken all the freaking convenience out of, but naturally, I digress).

This is not a happy post for me to write. I’m trying desperately to stay out of the Funk that I feel swirling around me.

So here goes.

I can’t run the full Seattle Marathon in November.

I had a 14 mile training run on Monday and it was ugly. I made it 10 miles before my knee buckled under me and I had to limp home (tried calling Hubs exactly 1983457014857 times for him to come and pick me up, but it didn’t happen). I could put absolutely no weight on it for more than 10 minutes. My knee is in no shape to be running more than double that distance in a few short weeks.

I’ve already started a strict round of PT and I will continue to run. I’m now debating whether to run the half or walk the full. And by debating, I mean that I’m going to run the half and not walk the full.

I’m trying not to let this eat me up too much. For the most part it isn’t, simply because I’m so busy. I hate not being able to follow through with goals. But as my more practical half (that would be Hubs- no part of me is practical) has repeated numerous times over the last few days, it’s better to postpone meeting the marathon goal for a while than to do permanent damage to my knee and not be able to run for months or years or ever.  Right?




11 thoughts on “absentee blogger

  1. OMG I am so sorry! That is absolutely devastating. But really, your husband is right. And remember, it’s not like it will be the last marathon ever put on. There are thousands more every year you can run and Seattle isn’t going anywhere. I know you’ll come back even healthier after some rest and everything and do awesome!

    • Thanks, Kali. For whatever reason, I always thought this one would be my first, but it’s not the first thing to not work out the way I wanted. 🙂

  2. You already know my opinion on this, but I like to talk so I’ll reiterate (lucky you!). It makes no sense to sacrifice your knee, possibly long term, when you can just run the half & postpone your marathon goal for next year. No one thinks less of you, so you need to come over to our side of the fence! Be impressed & overjoyed with your amazing accomlishments thus far, and enjoy the anticipation for bigger & better things! (P.S. I love you!)

    • I’m sitting on the fence, thinking it would be nice to be on your side of it. Which is a lot closer than where I’ve been since Monday. I’ll get there.

  3. Oh man – what a bummer! But your Hus is right – there will be another race. You only have one knee. Take care of it, and come back strong! Don’t let this setback derail you – you’ve done a fabulous job up til now & this is something you just can’t control. Keep your chin up – we’re all wishing for a speedy recovery!

    • Thank you, Theresa. He’s already transforming into a drill sergeant about the PT. Which is annoying really appreciated, of course. 😉

  4. I can so relate to you right now. I am sorry to hear of your injury and know how it feels to have to modify your running plans. This too shall pass!

    Stay strong and remember there will always be more races to conquer in the future. ((hugs))

  5. I can so relate to you right now. I am sorry to hear of your injury and know how it feels to have to modify your running plans. This too shall pass!

    Stay strong and remember there will always be more races to conquer in the future. ((hugs))

  6. I had something similar happen to me about six weeks out from the Eugene Marathon — right down to having no one who could come pick me up so I pretty much hopped a mile and a half back to my car. I stayed off the leg almost entirely for two weeks, then eased back into running. I got back into it in time to do one long run of 18 miles then tapered off and was able to complete the marathon. Very slowly, but then I run slowly anyhow. So maybe there is some sort of hope yet?

  7. I can SO relate.

    I ended up having to walk about 75% of the Portland Marathon this past Sunday (the same marathon that I’ve had my sights on since September of 2009) because I tripped and seriously wrenched my left foot/ankle during a long run at the end of August and lost 4 weeks of training because of it (during which I ruled out a stress fracture.) And it was a debate, nearly up until race day itself, as to whether I was going to participate at all. It was frustrating, to say the least!

    But I finished, and all the wiser, since I was extraordinarily conservative with my pace, wrapped my foot securely and gave myself permission to DNF if I had to. So now, three days after, I am a bit gimpy, but for the most part, the foot is bouncing back quite well and I expect to be participating in a half coming up on the 24th as a recovery run. 🙂

    So, in your case, don’t hang it up just yet. If you can only do the half, even if you can only run/walk combo the half, you still did it. Don’t decide one way or another (especially if you are already registered) until perhaps even the day before, based on how you feel. And if you go for it, for goodness sakes – give yourself permission to DNF if you must! All the better to run another day rather than possibly mess up your ability to run for the long haul or even permanently!

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