Contrary to all available evidence

I did not, in fact, fall off the face of the internet.

The old internet subscriber canceled the type of service we had (unlimited) and wanted to replace it with something else (so limited that I could use up the monthly usage in about 2 hours). So we broke it off. But haven’t decided on which ridiculously overpriced option to go with from one of the competitors. The company that I wanted to go through only offers a service so slow that dial-up could run laps around it. And my neighbors are lame and all have password protected wireless accounts. Boo on them.

Also, I have run a total of 16 miles this month. That was not entirely intentional. I decided not to do the full and then I lost all motivation to go outside ever again. Possibly because it’s freezing out there. To clarify, “freezing” means somewhere between 40-55 degrees depending on how hard the wind is blowing. And if it’s raining. Which it has been. A lot. I will be running the Halloween 5K with Val and Tara, though. Must drag self out of warm bed tomorrow am and RUN. Going to be mighty embarrassed if I walk during a 5K. Actually, I won’t. The first 3-4 miles are always the hardest for me. Every single run. Why? I guess I’m just slow to settle into my pace. Looking forward to seeing my ladies, though!

Tuesdays are the worst day of my life. Which is ironic in an Alanis sort of way, if you recall my dear V-8 letter from a few months ago. Live and learn, right? Note to self- when you get the syllabi (or is it syllabuses?) for all your classes and two of them have tests scheduled the same day RUN AWAY. It is NOT worth it. Especially if it happens four times in the course of 11 weeks.




4 thoughts on “Contrary to all available evidence

  1. Welcome back to the world of the interneters!!!

    Been missing you something crazy.

    I’ll apologize in advance for squeezing the life out of you on Sunday!

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