feeling alright

So, not to jinx myself here or anything, but I’ve run three times in the last week. It’s okay, you are at the right blog. And you did read that sentence correctly. Three times. Before you have to tuck your head between your knees to keep from passing out- relax. Those three runs bring my monthly mileage up to the grand total of 3.2 miles.


I don’t hurt. At least not anywhere running related. I pinched a nerve in my neck on Saturday and I have some residual stiffness going on, but nothing serious. I’m still doing my strengthening exercises. Grab your hyperventilation bag because you’ll need it. I have a strange desire to do honest-to-goodness strength training. Go ahead and faint for a minute. I’ll wait.

Seriously. I’ve tried to quash that feeling for at least a week now, but nothing doing. Since I can’t seem to shake it, I guess I’ll roll with it. Who knows? I might *gasp* like it. Or something.


One thought on “feeling alright

  1. OMG. I am *totally* hyperventilating over here! lol Just kidding…but WOOHOO! You know how ON the weigh-lifting bandwagon I am, so hooray for strength training. I hope you love it. And hooray times two for running with no pain!!

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