Sorry, I’m not quite sure why I felt like shouting that at you. But it is December. And World AIDS Day. And Pay it Forward Day. And the first night of Hanukkah. So I wore my red shirt, let every one merge in front of me on the freeway, regardless of their ability to use turn signals (though I retained my right to mutter under my breath at those who ‘forgot’ to signal). And I wish you a happy first night of the festival of lights. No, I’m not Jewish. But my first best friend in the whole wide world is, and I’ve been celebrating Hanukkah for most of my life, both with and without her. Hi, Simone! Love you, miss you, say hi to James for me. 🙂

Exhausting, non?

It’s also Day One of Robby’s (@FatGirlvsWorld) December Go The Distance (#DecGTD) challenge. I signed up for the October challenge with a total monthly mileage that I could have easily hit, were it not for the post race blues/injury/general desire to hibernate… Whatevs. Focusing on the positive, here. Because I need to build confidence in myself and my running, I set my challenge at a level that is attainable. My goal is to hit 31 miles for the month of December. Clarification: my goal is to run a minimum of 1 mile a day for the entire month.

My personal goals for the month are to continue my strengthening exercises for my glutes/hip/knee at least three times a week and to ride the wave of my desire to do strength training (should I just call it weight training to lessen confusion ?) as long as it lasts.

On that note, I did my mile this morning (9:31) and opted to skip my strengthening stuffs and head straight into the weight training. Which takes me to P90X day 1 3 1/3.

Let me explain. I decided to give the program a shot since we have it and neither Hubs nor myself have ever used it. I have some lighter weights and figured that would be enough to take me through the program and give me a feel for it. Except that I couldn’t find the first disc. Or the second. So I figured I would see how the 3rd went.

It went. Arms and Shoulders? Something. I feel all tremble-y now, but it feels good! What was not cool AT ALL was the core-’til-you-puke thing I was supposed to do after that (aka disc 12). That felt like burning. PSA: please don’t make me laugh or sneeze or cough or do anything else that involves engaging my core tomorrow. Or maybe ever, depending on how it goes.

Good news though. I found discs 1 and 2. Someone, and I’m not naming names here, but someone, put them in the same cases as discs 11 and 12. Tomorrow will be day/disc 2 and Friday will be day 3/disc 1 and next week I will follow a more traditional numerical order.

So pretty much, I’m feeling awesome. Nevermind that I have a massive project due on Saturday for my online class (and a shout out to Ryan for helping me out with it!), the Girls On the Run 5k Saturday morning, a super-fabulous Christmas party that night(!), helping a bestie with invitations to her pending nuptials… Meeting up with my new auntie’s extended family to hunt down Dirty Santa (there will be a post on this on the family blog if/when you are interested)… And this man and this boy-child keep demanding my time and attention (and I would rather give it to them than anything else). Plus the baking! Good grief, THE BAKING!!!

Loads of things on my metaphorical plate and I’m riding high. What’s the difference between now and October? For starters, I am DONE with this quarter as of next Thursday night.

Actually that’s the omega of it, too. This quarter is (almost) over. I survived. My GPA is not as spotless as it was, but c’est la vie. This quarter can’t do enough damage to keep me out of grad school, so I just can’t gather up the energy to won’t second guess myself. I have one more week of “high cognitive load” before I get three whole weeks to remember how to take a deep breath and regroup before another intense 12 weeks.


One thought on “DECEMBER

  1. Holy hell, woman. Your list of to-dos this weekend makes me tired…and I’m honored to be on it! I’m so excited for you to be done with this quarter, too. Though not as excited as you, I’m sure. And P90X – so jealous! I want to try it, but I’m scurred…so you’ll have to be my guinea pig and let me know if it’s worth the splurge. Hugs!

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