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I read an awesome story talking about a 91-year-old woman, Olga Kotelko, who competes at track and field events. Not only do I now have a goal for myself 60+ years in the future, but I got a good quote out of it.

“If you undertrain, you might not finish,” she says. “If you overtrain, you might not start.”

To quote a very old favorite song, ‘message received, loud and clear”.


Where is my personal line between under-training and over-training? I did a dumb-dumb today. As I mentioned earlier, one of my goals for December is to run a minimum of 1 mile each day. I had a coffee date with Val this morning and decided to run to our date. I knew this was an ambitious decision being that it is roughly 4 miles, round trip. Side note: my Garmin said it was 1.86 there and 1.98 back, despite my taking the same route both ways. This flies in the face of basically every science I can name, but a Garmin never lies, right? 😉 My right hamstrings started to get tight on the way there, but nothing too bad. The way home was not so hot. I made it a mile before the weakness set in. I played it smart and pretty much walked the rest of the way (I couldn’t resist the one hill I had on my route, which peaks at a 20% grade). No biggie.

I rolled both my legs from waist to ankle for at least 10 minutes total. That’s according to the clock, because according to my brain and body I was foam-rolling for at least a full hour.

Then I went on to do my P90X workout. The schedule said cardio, but after 4 miles I figured I had already covered the cardio part of my day. I opted to do the back & biceps workout instead. It was fine, but I need some heavier weights. Or to just get the bands.

Since my quarter is over, it’s time to deep clean the house. During the quarter I can only tackle one room a day and the messiest room always wins. Now I can deep clean, which I crave. Not that we’ve lived in squalor for the last 12 weeks or anything, but it’s not up to my standards.

Which brings me to my point. I jacked up my knee something serious while cleaning today. All I did was step forward, trying to hand something to Thor and it did that same old ‘pop’. Note: this is a feeling, not an audible sound. I did one of those “GAH!” verbalizations when it happened and he could obviously see the pain on my face. I could see it scared him a little, but he very sweetly offered to get me an ice pack (which he can’t actually reach, but it’s the thought that counts).

I’m not sure how it happened. I think I had my foot planted and was rotating at my knee. Dumb-dumb. Or maybe it was like the first time and I was in a side-lunge position and my knee came out over my toes. Dumb-dumb. All I know is I was in the process of turning around and my knee collapsed. This is sucky timing. I refuse to let this affect my inspiration, motivation or aspirations.

Plan of attack: BE CAREFUL.

How I will meet this plan: continuing to ice my knee, roll out the dang hamstrings, and generally get stretchy with my lower half. I’ll be wrapping my knee until I quit trying to turn and bend it at the same time.

Is there a better way to find the line between under-training and over-training BESIDES hurting myself?

ETA: I thought I posted this last night, but clearly not. Good news: no knee pain this morning. But I’m walking like I’m recovering from knee surgery, just to be safe.


One thought on “words of wisdom

  1. It’s tough to know where that line is. You want to push yourself, but not to the point of injury. I have crossed that line a few times. Have you tried the Couch to 5K program. It’s great for getting you safely to the point of running 3 miles. And just remember the 10% rule. Typically, if you only increase your weekly mileage by 10% each week, you should be fine. Good luck!

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