Jingle Bell Run

My alarm went off at an unholy hour (aka Tara o’clock) and I started my morning. It was pouring buckets. All Seattle jokes aside, we typically don’t see rainfall like this. See, we’re experiencing this little thing called the Pineapple Express. And not the movie version, although Seattle also has plenty of that definition going on as well.

No. This is a gift from Hawaii. Of sorts. Really, it is the wettest raspberry you can imagine. As if the entire PNW isn’t collectively dreaming of a Hawaiian vacation already. Hawaii is just taunting us. I’ve heard from two sources that airfare is cheaper than it ever gets from Seattle to Hawaii. Sigh.

It was a wet 5k, to say the least. But it was incredible. Have I ever explained how much I love running with Val and Tara? Because I really do. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to run the whole thing because I’m trying this new thing of not pushing my knee too hard or too far. Novel concept, I know. I gave fair warning that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do it without walk breaks. My warm up consisted of running up the ramp of the underground parking garage where we stashed Val’s car. Twice. Verrrry steep. Love.

It was windy, extremely wet and the first mile was all uphill. Gradual in my opinion, but it’s possible that my view of hills is outside the “normal” range. Somewhere just before the first mile marker we moved off the street and into the express lane tunnels, where we stayed for most of the rest of the run. My knee started hurting by about a half mile in, but it never got above a 3 on a scale of 10. Not enough to stop and walk. I layered up because of the rain, but it was close to 60 at race time, so by mile 2 I could feel my face getting red. I don’t really sweat but you would not believe the range of pinks and reds my face can turn. But being that I was wearing my pigtail hat, which means that my hair was in pigtails that are questionable once your age hits double digits. Think the Goth lab chick from that detective show I don’t watch. Yeah. Her pigtails. Very questionable on a grown woman. So the hat stayed on.

Somewhere around 2.5 we were back outside and facing the big hill of the run. I. love. hills. I love running up a hill hard enough to make me want to double over and gasp for air at the top. I didn’t take this hill at quite that pace (thanks, knee) but it still felt good. Side note: it’s probably the same reason I like track workouts in that it’s over quickly. The long, slow stuff drives me nuts. Which is probably why I’m writing this instead of doing my yoga. 90 minutes of yawn.

We hit the straightaway with maybe 4 blocks? to the finish line. Val turned on the afterburners and we were FLYING. A-MAZ-ING.

There was one singular step in the run where I had that “I felt the whoosh of the bullet passing” sensation regarding my knee. So I rolled the sucker and I’ll ice it if after I do yoga.

I had so much fun running with my ladies today. I know we did the Halloween 5k, but I wasn’t in the same mental or physical place as I am now and it made a huge difference.

And on that note… yoga time. Wish me sanity.


6 thoughts on “Jingle Bell Run

  1. It was A-MAZI-ING!!!

    I love watching you run hills. You look so peaceful (can you look peaceful running?) and in the damn zone every time I see you hit a hill.

    Oh and your pigtails? CUTEST THING EVER!

    • Hills are the only time I get the voices to shut up. You know, the “why bother?” “you suck at this” “quit now and save yourself the embarrassment” voices. Every step is a mental battle unless I’m headed up a hill.

  2. Sounds like a great time 🙂

    That’s really awesome that you’ve got 2 such great running partners, I’m definitely jealous of that, I don’t have anyone to run with here 😦 One more reason to look forward to Ragnar!!

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