Let’s be honest

I rocked my running and p90x goals for the first half of this month. And then… my schedule got crazy and I didn’t take the time to block out the time I needed to exercise each day. I knew it was probably going to happen and then I watched it happen. And did nothing.

Instead I spent time with my family, both immediate and one extended branch, and spent some time nourishing my creative side. I have knit almost non-stop for two weeks.

I was hired to be a ghost blogger and knitter for a local small business. I also have plans to pitch some ideas for teaching a few dyeing and knitting classes. Full disclosure: my mother-in-law owns the business so there is a slight possibility that nepotism might be at play.

I have spent my time connecting people who need to be connected and nourishing a part of me that I have apparently been ignoring since last April, at least according to my last log in on Ravelry. Which makes sense because I have been in school for all but 3 weeks since the end of March. In case I’m only making sense to myself (not unusual), I’m talking about the knitting. I come from a long line of fiber artists (to use the modern term) and sometimes I ignore my need to craft longer than I should.

While my house is not yet as clean as I want it, it’s almost there. I have yet to bleach the grout by the toilet (I have a preschool age son, need I say more?), but my house will be spotless by Friday. An impeccable house is a must for New Year’s. It never lasts long, but it makes me happy. Nifty fact: I would like to live in a magazine house because there is never anything anywhere. Visual clutter causes me mental and emotional stress (yet I also have a small pack rat streak which once again makes me my own worst enemy). Le sigh.

It’s time for me to pick a training plan, a cross-training plan, and get all personal-like with my planners. Yes, that’s plural. School gets one, exercise gets one, and personal life gets one.

A major goal of 2011? Not to ignore that 3rd planner too much.


6 thoughts on “Let’s be honest

  1. Whoa. 3 planners? I’ve been using Google docs as my planner. I just can’t seem to NOT lose a physical notebook. As for that visual clutter – its freak me out too. Hence the reason I’m freaking out right now….toys all over the damn floor.

    • I tried the electronic route, but for some reason I do better with paper ones. Which is fine, except that I have a purse that according to my cousins puts me squarely in the “she should be institutionalized” category. Oh, well. Truth in advertising, yes?

    • Me, too. I really struggle to run at all if I’m not on a training plan. I think I’ve finally picked one and I’m really excited!

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