Food Panic

Now that I’m being all dramatic-like, we can collectively relax.

I have found myself in a food quandary. As you may or may not remember I went vegetarian in April. Alright, I went pescatarian in April and lacto-ovo vegetarian some time after that.

As a point of fact, I believe that humans are biologically designed to be omnivores. I believe that food in this country is just another industry and that focus is absolutely wrong. We all know that Americans on the whole eat too much and we eat too much of the wrong stuff. I did it as a personal challenge and then it developed into a habit.

I’ve done fine with this pseudo-vegetarian lifestyle. Except that apparently I haven’t. I’ve been anemic or borderline anemic for the last two months. The only thing that has changed is that I haven’t had my daily Green M*nster. Why? Because I am absolutely not starting my morning off with a shake when it is in the mid 20s outside (at wake-up time; the highs have been averaging in the low 40s which is still too d*mn cold for a shake). I run cold on a good day. I’ve tried to up my iron intake from other sources (chickpeas, edamame, quinoa, tofu, etc) but it hasn’t been enough.

How do I know this? I want meat. Except that I am simultaneously disgusted at the thought of eating it. I manage to drool and gag at the same time, which is totally different from gagging on drool (you know you’ve done it, too). We have some ribs in the fridge and I open the door and consider eating them at least 3 times a day. And I’ve thought about eating them almost constantly for the last 2 days. Except they are pork ribs and I have never been a fan of pig meat. Why, you ask? Short answer: pigs are unclean. Long answer: Pigs are unclean, but that doesn’t come from a religious point of view (although if 2/3 of the religions of the Book agree, then they might be on to something) because I am not a member of either of those religions. It has more to do with growing up down the road from this guy. And yes, that story hit the news well after I decided I didn’t like pork but the fact that pigs eat people makes me not want to have anything to do with them (despite the fact that ‘human’ probably isn’t on the menu at a conventionally run pig farm, I’ll still pass thankyouverymuch). I just don’t want to eat food that would be willing to eat me. It feels like it’s just a step down from cannibalism. This is also why I categorically refuse to eat shark or tiger. Yes, I am this crazy.

So if the detour through Crazytown didn’t make it abundantly clear, ribs aren’t the correct tool to get me back on the meat-consumption wagon. 

I’ve had a little fish in the last week. All those omega-3s are not really helping. They are giving me the brain power to have a crisis dilemma about what to eat.

The crux of the issue is that I need to listen to my body. Except when my body is lying (mistaking thirst for hunger for example). Fact: I am in need of iron and possibly protein. Debatable: what form that iron & protein takes.

No one is judging me for my eating habits (and as my ninja taught me to say, sod off if you are), so I don’t really know what my hangup is. I’m a grown up and I can choose to eat or not eat meat if I please.

So I’ll think about it again today. I’ll be buying lunch meat tomorrow so maybe I’ll have a turkey sandwich.

Or not.


4 thoughts on “Food Panic

    • If you suggested Red Mill post-long run I don’t know that I could say no. More importantly, I don’t know that I would want to say no.

  1. Right. You should NOT be judged for what you eat. That is no one’s perogitive but yours! (Remember My Perogitive by Bobby Brown, ha)

    Eat what you want. You are your own boss afterall:)

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